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Sugar Bears Club!

First came the nuclear explosion near the Henribo Gummy bear plant. Then came the sugar mist, it slowly took over the world and any human stuck in it had their DNA forever altered. Out of the chaos, something else was born… The Sugar Bear!

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About Sugar Bears

Our fantasy was inspired by one of the most iconic confectionary candies – the gummy bear. Discover the Sugarverse with your own Sugar Bear. Depending on the faction you choose to belong to, your bear’s attribute appearance will reflect on it’s own personality.



To begin with, there are only 10,000 unique Sugar Bears. When fully minted, they can be traded on our marketplace and on the open markets.

There are five main Sugar Bear factions:


Hopeless space cadets who are the best pilots on the launchpads. It is said a single tusketeer can fly a ship – build for a crew of 5.


+5% SugarYield on spaceships


Experienced geologists, working on the mining platforms, endlessly searching for sugar pockets to dig up.


+5% SugarLuck on Mining Platform


Initialising Sequence …. Beep… Bap! Handy with their hands, building the spaceships in hangars to explore the Sugarverse.


+5% SugarLuck on finding NFT Drops



Incredible food experts, working with the mined sugar to refine it into the tastiest treats, traded across the Trading Terminals.


+5% SugarYield more profitability on Trading Terminals


The smartest bears all around, creating synthetic sugar in the Underground Research Facilities, to reduce our dependence.


+5% SugarRefining on Underground Research Facilities

Sugar Bears in the games

To begin your journey across the Sugarverse, in Free-to-play mode, you can choose from our non-NFT avatars. When you are ready to get your piece of the pie, head over to the marketplace and get your NFT Sugar Bear avatar and enter Play-to-earn mode to start earning crypto rewards. Unlock the full experience of the Sugarverse and use your Sugar Bear in all of the games and the metaverse.

Each avatar has a unique combination of in-game abilities and they come in 3 tiers: Common, Rare, Legendary. Each skill combined with the NFT rarity give the player a slight advantage in certain maps and game modes. Every Sugar Bear is truly unique, and players are identified by their avatars by an on-chain verification.

Sugar Bears in the Metaverse

The Sugar Bears are a multi-planetary civilisation, which means that your avatar can be used across the whole metaverse, to aid your quest to get as much CNDY as you can find. The gummy bear avatars are your workforce in your empire. When you have your land and have built your buildings, you can then assign Sugar Bears to work in buildings for you, even while you are not online – keep that sugar coming!

Sugar Bears in the Sugar Match

The bears are the main avatar in our games. Owning a single Sugar Bear unlocks Play-to-earn mode and allows you to claim your rewards and massively boosts your earning potential from rewards. You can have multiple avatars with best in slot abilities used in certain situation. Each faction have their own colour, collecting Sugar Bears from the same faction gives you massive in-game bonuses when you engage with your faction’s colour.


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