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Sugarverse is revolutionizing the web3, mobile & web gaming industry with a self-sustaining Play & Earn economy within the metaverse. 



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Build for Sustainability

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Our games generate tangible financial rewards and positive impact in community's all across the world

Immersive Gameplay

With both Single and Multiplayer available in all of our games, the SugarGames ecosystem provide a simple and engaging gameplay to earn extra income. 

Spin To Win Rewards

Instant and massive rewards are distributed to our players by the SugarWheel of fortune. Earn up to $100,000 in a single 10 minute multiplayer game and many other rewards.

Financial Sustainability

All SugarGames run a sustainable economy and tokenomics. With enticing player experience our games providing revenue sources for both Free To Play and Play & Earn players alike.

Unique Metaverse

Enhances your gaming experience and enter the SugarVerse.  Invest your in-game Earnings and buy land, build buildings and expand your empire in the metaverse. 

Our Games

Match 3 Puzzle PvP

SugarMatch is a multiplayer PvP Match-3 puzzle game that's easy to learn but hard to master. It's a unique player experience that combines skill and innovative game elements, to beat everybody else for the sugar tiles.


Space Race PvP

SugarRacer is a spaceship racer game. Your NFT Sugar Bear will learn how to pilot a CAKE-5000 Fighter Cake and race against others for the ultimate prize - Sugar Candy Fuel.  

Coming in 2023


Infinite Runner PVP

SugarRush is a classic endless runner game. You play as your NFT bear, who runs through the newly discovered Candytopia World. Pass countless obstacles and outrun all the other bears to receive the sugar.

Upcoming Mobile Games

The New Era of PLAY AND EARN gaming is here

Dive deep into the sweetest metaverse of them all with the maiden game released by our studio. SugarMatch is a first of its king PvP Match 3 mobile game available in both Free to play and Play to earn modes. Featuring an incredibly easy onboarding process and easygoing gameplay earning $CNDY tokens is just 1-click away.

Explore our Tokenomics!

It takes the world's best talent to

change the game.

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